1924: a seaplane landed in Floure



The info was found by the flouréen Francis Dissaux, whom we warmly thank!

In 1924, a seaplane “landed” on the Aude in Floure. It’s the number 61 of the monthly magazine L’Aéronautique de Paris which informs us in June 1924.

Selected pieces…

River recognitions made by the corvette Captain Teste by “amphibious” seaplane. April 29-15:25, he sets off from Toulouse-Francazal by strong winds from the west and rain.

16:10, he landed at Carcassonne (Air Navigation Service Aerodrome).

The seaplane fills up with gasoline and leaves at 16:30 pm for a reconnaissance of the Aude. He descended the river at low altitude and landed at Floure at 16:35 north of the Barrage, facing west. He left a few minutes later with no need to turn. The strong west wind would have made any turn impossible without help.

16:42, he lands in Homps.

An interesting archive that was worth to be included. When will be the next landing of a seaplane on the Aude in Floure?