The flood of "La Quinte" in 1990



It was 26 years ago! On May 23rd, 1990 was one of the largest floods in our commune. Bernard Bétes entrusts us with his memories and sent us his archive photos. Many thanks to him!

According to his testimony, rain started at 1 pm and lasted just a little over an hour. 100 ml of water fell and we saw the rain gauge filling up before our eyes."

Here are the impressive images of this flood!

Lower-right (on the House), is a black mark, this is the level of the flood of October 10th, 1940. In 1990, the level was higher than in 1940.



On the square in front of Mairie... the water up to their knees.



In 1965 or 1966, La Quinte had also overflown, but significantly less than in 1990. 


 A blurred image, but striking…