Gaston Bonheur (1913-1980)


To his real name Gaston Tesseyre, son of a couple of teachers.

He is only a few months old, when his father is killed at the very beginning of the Great War, on September 26th 1914. The future writer learns occitan and the things of the vineyard with his grandmother Bonhoure, from whom he will borrow his author's name. Gaston Bonheur is in turn writer-dialoguist for the cinema, novelist and playwright. Considered as an occitan-speaking writer with a “Parisian” expression, full of love for his native region, Gaston Bonheur will not be a regionalist author. Poet, he tries then biography.

He founded the surreal magazine Choc, allowing him to rub shoulders with celebrities, like the film maker Abel Gance. Gaston Bonheur was also a song writer.

He then goes to journalism. He was hired by Pierre Lazareff as a reporter for the newspaper Paris-Soir. In 1947, Gaston Bonheur is the editor at the weekly Paris Match, and a year later in 1948, he is the editor at the daily newspaper Paris-Presse. Later Gaston Bonheur directs for a while the press empire of Jean Prouvost namely: Télé 7 jours, Le Figaro, Paris Match, France-Soir...



Gaston Bonheur has written the words of songs present on eight 45 vinyl records Mireille Mathieu, Bernard Icher and also Regine...


He also saw himself as winemaker and did not hesitate to make his own wine. Here advertising in 1963.



Gaston Bonheur is buried in the cemetery of Floure (Aude), where he owned the castle. Charles Trenet, his great friend, was present at his funeral.

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