The fountain

The fountain is located in the heart of the village. No one still today, knows the date of its implementation. We just know that it has been renovated in 1871 and contains sandstone from the quarries of Floure.

One thing is for sure, it has always been a source of inspiration for artists.

It started with Gaston Bonheur who wrote in one of his books:


“The first charity in a village, it’s its fountain.”


Later, photographers, but also artists have spent time to reproduce it.


On the left a photo of Philippe Phalip in 2004 and on the right a watercolor of the late Marie-Claire Thomas, Flouréenne artist.



In 2015, the Municipal Council wanted to create a logo for the commune, the fountain was naturally chosen as symbol.


The Mairie of Floure reserves the broadcasting rights and use of this logo.


The logo of the commune is structured in 3 parts:

- first the fountain, symbolic monument, as placed in the center of Floure. This is an emphasis on the rural and architectural heritage.

- then the typography, without sérif, symbolizes the modernity to offset the 'rural' notion of the fountain.

The text is inside the design, to demonstrate the commune’s will to go forward, while respecting its roots.

 - finally the curve at the foot, energizes the logo and harmonizes all. It opens the reading and structures the all thing.

With regard to the colors:

The green symbolizes nature and the violet, the unity.