Circuit QR Code

An interactive experience in the streets of Floure.

Since June 2015, it is possible to re-discover the heritage of the commune of Floure by flashing with your smartphone the eleven (like our Department) QR Codes placed on buildings or historic sites. Eleven QR Codes (or Flash-Codes), new generation barcodes, have just been installed. It’s a kind of gateway to the world of the internet. You must own a Smartphone and download an application that allows you to take a picture (Flash) to access it.

You will then go to the virtual discovery of each of these buildings. The QR code is a nifty tool for the development of touristic and cultural heritage. The goal is to showcase the history and heritage of the village, whether public or private, and propose a new walk in the heart of Floure. The QR code is accessible to all and allows a free and interactive walk. To be discovered on your own, with family or friends!

Here's the map of the circuit... You can find iton paper at the Mairie or in the different hotels, gîtes and Band B of the commune.

The commune of Floure has set up a visiting tour in the form of "QR CODE", a new rapid information system on Smartphone.

QR CODE (abbreviation of Quick Reponse) means that the content can be decoded quickly after being read by a barcode reader, a mobile phone, a Smartphone or a webcam.

Its advantage is to be able to store more informations than a bar code and especially data directly recognized by applications allowing to easily trigger actions like visiting our website

The innovative QR CODE circuit of Floure allows to discover or rediscover the heritage, a mixture of culture, tourism, modernism.