Floure station

The photos on this page are the work of Bernard Bary.

All the team of the commune website would like to warmly thanks him for his participation.




Floure station, summer 1962



A postcard from the station of Floure-Barbaira.



Level crossing of Floure, summer 1962.


Crossing of the Floure level crossing by a locomotive heading towards Narbonne, summer 1962.


Floure-Barbaira, merchandise service, summer 1962



An omnimus, summer 1962 with the station manager.


The train is leaving the station of Floure-Barbaira in the direction of Capendu, terminus Narbonne. Today the station, the goods hall and the central platform are destroyed. The two main tracks have been put closer.

Summer 1962.


Floure, summer 1962.



The two pictures above represent goods hall from the station of Floure in 1965.