The castle of Floure

The castle of Floure in 2015.

This seigniorial construction, well preserved, is found at the East of the village. It is flanked by two square towers. The Park is situated in front of the Castle, beyond the inner courtyard: rectangular and surrounded by 3 m high walls. It was on March 20th, 1508, that the nobleman Jean de Courcelles Lord of Floure, was allowed to build the Castle, in the middle of his domaine to serve as a common prison with the King. After being a prison, a cloister, a country house, it became the residence of Gaston Bonheur.

Since 1993, it is a four stars hotel with 23 rooms. It is part of the logis d’exceptions, hôtels de charme...

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The castle of Floure in 1913.