The war memorial


The war memorial of Floure, built in 1921, shortly after the end of the First World War is located in front of the current cemetery. Four names are engraved: Etienne Castel, François Dat, Antoine Lapeyronnie and Armand Guillamot.


The deliberation of the Municipal Council on July 11th, 1920.

... "The president then exposes that a subscription was made in order to rise a death memorial for the children of Floure who died on the field of honor to defend the homeland." ...

No death occurred in our village during the Second World War, but three Flouréens were taken prisoner for five years in Germany. It's Léon Fricou (wounded in combat), Bernard Antolin and Marcel Gach.

 Armand Guillamot

For the centery of the First World War, Jean-Marie Guillamot lent the village a large number of documents, photos, and letters from the poilus. Let us focus on his grandfather, Armand Guillamot, Flouréen, who died for France, on September 27th, 1918, a little less than two months before the end of the war. Killed by the enemy on his twenty-ninth birthday, Armand Guillamot had made the four years of war, being even hurt in battle. His body is in Minaucourt-le-Mesnil-lès-Hurlus in the Department of the Marne (51), in the national Necropolis Le Pont du Marson, grave number 2723.

A plaque has been affixed by the family on the war memorial.



The grave in the national necropolis of Minaucourt-le-Mesnil-lès-Hurlus.

The military death certificate.



One of the many letters of the soldier, held by the family.







Following the launch of the website, Mr Bernard Bary sent us documents relating to Etienne Castel (his maternal grandmother’s little brother).

Etienne Castel, shortly before his involvement in the French Army...

Above the text written by the teacher of the village and read at the ceremony in 1920. Etienne Castel is buried in the Tomb built by his father Paul Castel for his repatriation to Floure.




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