The Fonts

The first of the four fonts of Floure in 2015

Located in the mountain of Alaric, the strange shape of the limestones from the beginning of the tertiary era gave their name to the fonts, geological curiosities. The water has entered the cracks, has frozen and fragmented their bases, thus creating these curious fonts. Four fonts are listed, all within a few meters of each other.

To get there, take the road that leads to Monze. After passing above the motorway, at the end of the first bent, turn left toward the river La Bretonne. Once you have crossed the bridge, three pathes arise. The right one goes to the naturist site, the left one to the Paillasses, the center one, after twenty-five minutes of ascendant walk joins the fonts.

This is the map of the GR36 path that takes to the fonts of Floure.


From the fonts, you can observe a magnificent view of our village of Floure. A total change of scenery.


The second font, also offers a lovely view of the adjacent commune of Fonties-d’Aude...

...but also on the town of Trèbes.



Above the fonts numbers 3 and 4.




The fonts of Floure in 1912...

The fonts of Floure in 2015...




Splendid view of the beautiful town of Trèbes.



The last three pictures belong to Thierry Raynaud and Michel Marsenach. Thank you to them to have contributed to the embellishment of our website!