Intercommunaty / Environment

Carcassonne AGGLO, a nature destination... but not ONLY!


Carcassonne Agglo deals with the maintenance of streams and riverbanks on the territory of the Agglo. To do this, it conducts regular maintenance works on the communes.
Also, since 2014 the Agglo is the host structure of the Natura 2000 sites: Massif de la Malepère – Vallée du Lampy – Gorge de la Clamoux. It chose a shared animation favorising the biodiversity with a view to put together resources and coherence in its actions for environmental and agricultural matters.

As a reminder, Europe embarked, since 1992, in the realization of an ambitious network of ecological sites called Natura 2000. The mesh of sites extends throughout Europe in order to make this initiative of preservation of species and natural habitats, coherent and said to be of the community interest.

What are the objectives?

• Preserve the biological diversity of the environments and maintain the habitats and species of community interest
• Take into account the social, economic, cultural and regional activities
• Enhance the natural heritage of our territories in a logic of sustainable development
• Form an European network of Natura 2000 sites
• The implementation of actions to achieve the objectives of Natura 2000 is the responsibility of each state member. France has implemented a system primarily based on the voluntary work of local actors through the contractualization.

Note: Natura 2000 includes 27 000 sites on the whole of the EU countries.

In Europe: 18% of the territory is covered by the Natura 2000 areas.
In France: 12.5% of the surface is covered by Natura 2000 sites.
In the Aude: 40% of the department is located in Natura 2000 area.

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